Scene On Colfax encourages submissions from aspiring writers and photographers. More perspectives lend to a greater understanding of the current issues and themes of Colfax and its surrounding community. Submissions will be considered for inclusion in a future printed anthology. A monetary stipend may result in the event of a successful publication, but cannot be guaranteed.

Submissions must be fully edited and meet the criteria below:

  • 500 – 750 words
  • Title and date of profile.
  • A focus on a person interacting on Colfax Avenue.
  • Reveal an insight into the cultural or social issues of life in Denver and its surrounding communities.
  • A clear understanding of the present situation of the person — how or why the person is at this point.
  • Quotes– Let the lexicon and details they shared speak.
  • Artistic craft in interviewing.
  • At least one quality photo.
  • All writers should get permission from subjects for full use of all material and photographs submitted.

What to avoid:

  • Children: All subjects must be over the age of 18.
  • Focus on business, buildings, or history of Colfax. This is a showcase of present-day freedoms, problems, and issues.

All submissions are subject to editing.

Send submission, photos, and a short bio to with your full contact information. Review of submissions may take two weeks for a response.